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We are very angry with this location. We love Tijuana flats and when we don't get the satisfactory and enjoyment of food because we have to leave and go back because something is missing or stale and cold food missing items I mean we have time to pick up and head back to work we see patient and have to get back as soon as possible.

I was amazed on one of the incidents I asked to speak to manager because again we had to go back and have everyone's orders fixed he actually was mad we called too have orders fixed um excuse me I was a server the customer was always right and the fact that your are upset because we did not check our order before we left as a server I always checked order to make sure it was correct so should u especially when we are a doctors office going on a 20 mn brake when it takes 20 to get their. Our problems keep getting worse no one seems to care so iam going to hire up someone needs to secret shop that place to see *** it is running. When we called to initially place our order we repeated twice and had the cashier repeat as well went to pick up the order and when one of the medical assistant got back their was a plate missing so I had to drive back off brake taking time from my pay and when I got their she acted like she didn't care I complained that I traveled back from north port and she is looking at me with a blank face really no customer service skills at all. Then when I sat to eat it was cold as *** stale as *** and barely any fixings it was like almost a slap in my face for calling and complaining.

I want something done about this or I will post on facebook that this location is *** and not to eat their I am beyond pissed something needs to give I can understand a mistake here and their I get it I was a server we all make mistakes but theses mistakes are un called for and if I was still an employee and steak n shake and all other restaurants I have worked at I would of been fired. My name is Alyssa if you need to contact us please don't hesitate to call 941-429-4744

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of very poor. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of tijuana flats customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $30. Tijuana Flats needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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